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The Who, The What and The Why?

I am Sarah: the founder and face behind 'MunkiFeet Designs'. I create powerful designs that encourage diversity, inclusivity, hope and positivity (along with a few animal designs for good luck!)

You might be thinking why MunkiFeet? Well, this journey started not long after I became a new mum. I had this little bundle who would curl her little toes around my finger and I would call her "monkey feet". It is also quite fitting as monkeys are my absolute favourite animal and it is my dream one day to see them in the wild.

I have always been the 'creative type', but would jump from one hobby to the next. I had tried mini business ventures before, but nothing really stuck. However, I knew if I was to ever go on maternity, it was a great opportunity to really have a good go at it.

I started digitally drawing as a way to wind down, to feel a bit more me in what was a very intense time as a first-time mum. I just loved it! I spent hours creating my first seamless design and was so proud when someone bought it and the feeling I got that first day, is the same feeling I get now every time my website pings with an order, or I get sent a picture of a child wearing my design. It's the best!

My full-time job is an SEN Teacher which is such a rewarding job, but also very demanding! One of the reasons I started was that the thought of building something myself and maybe one day becoming my own boss seemed so exciting. I could choose if I wanted to go for brunch and network. I could go to the assemblies of my little one and not have to miss them because I was with other people's children. I could have a lie-in if I wanted and I would be in charge of myself...

Who knows, maybe one day? I am very hopeful...

Anyway, I hope that has given you a bit of an intro into the who; what and why of MunkiFeet.

Speak soon xoxo

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